Model guide

old business axiom: “You have one chance to make a first impression”

As my photography business grows I have enjoyed meeting a number of professional models who worked with me on different projects. Unfortunately, after several no shows I find it necessary to enforce a expectations and no show policy. As a professional photographer my time is valuable and whether you realize it or not, every no show cost me money and time and I also want to be clear of our expectations.

KS4_1860_editFor every photo-shoot or workshop I plan, the minimal amount of effort and money that goes into it before you even arrive is as follows:

I have to  drive to the studio (30 minutes and gas money)

I pay hourly rental at the studio

Set up the lights/background and props (30 minutes)

Wait for you (maximum 30 minutes)

store the lights, backgrounds and props (30 minutes)

Drive back home (30 mintues and gas)

A total of 2 ½ hours of time and money lost


My time is as valuable as yours. If you are scheduled to do a workshop or photo-shoot with me and you do not show I have to disappoint all the students but still pay the studio rent, reschedule and find someone else.

We are a community of over 1500 photographers who often hire models to do workshops. Dependability is very important to us. You will be placed on a “NO CALL” list if you cause any instructor to reschedule a workshop or shoot due to a no-show. We will also not recommend you when photographers are looking for models. This “no call” list is visible for all our members.

I value a good working relationship with my models and in order to maintain that relationship we need to respect each other as professionals.   Below is what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you.

Photo IDs of model and escort will be required and copied as the result of recent theft of personal property by escort.

Expectation Agreement:

Photographers Expectation:

  1. Will provide model with  a phone number to contact him and studio number of the Twin Cities Photography Group.
  2. Will arrange studio time and date and give model address and clear directions on how to get to the shoot.
  3. Will arrange any special needs for props , Makeup artist etc.
  4. Will arrange payment from the owner of the Twin Cities Photography Group  and have the check issued the day of the workshop/shoot  with the Twin Cities Photography group .
  5. Will advise of cancellation at least two days prior to a shoot or workshop.
  6. Will provide Trade for Pics photos in the time framed agreed upon with Model.

Models Expectation:

  1. Will provide Photographer with phone contacts;
  2. Will arrive ½ hour to 1 hour early for workshops and shoots
  3. Will be responsible for keeping her/his contact info up to date with the Twin Cities Photography Group office.
  4. Will advise Photographer at least 3 days prior to shoot of cancellations
  5. Will arrive at the studio ready to shoot (makeup and hair) unless an MUA is hired.
  6. New workshop models will provide the photographer with a  $35.00 refundable security deposit for studio time which is refundable when models arrives for a test-photoshoot. Refundable deposit may also be required for scheduling of TF shoot. (As greater than 50% of models scheduled for TF shoots are not showing or canceling at the last moment, we have been forced to ask for small deposit per day of shooting.)  The check will be given back to you upon showing up for shoot.

I realize  emergencies  do happen, it is the Model’s responsibility to notify the photographer immediately of a possible no show.  Each incident will be judged on a case by case bases .

If we both fulfill our expectations it will be a win-win situation and we both gain respect, creditability and the opportunity to work and be referred to other photographers and models.

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I admire this photographer:  he has a perfect write up how to deal with models and photographers, also gives good tips for the models to follow.